Okon has been overexcited lately and looking for her inner warmth.
She wants to bring out her feminine strengths and sexuality.
Away from her suffocating cocoon.

Music by Judith OKON & Boris van Overschee
Directed by Jef Boes
Produced by Initials La
Concept by Jef Boes & Judith Okon
Director of Photography Ivo Nelis
Gaffer Louis Philippe Beauduin
Producer Lies Muys
Executive Producer Lise Everaert
Editor Robin de Praetere
Assistant Producer Axelle Leus
Set Design Daphne Okon
1AC Vincent Aaron Segers
Electro Jacob Heus & Wouter Maeckelberghe
Make-up Leonie Gysel
Color Grading Tom Mulder
Styling Besmir Latifi & Wim Muyllaert
Graphic Design Kristof Vanhoorebeek
Mental Coach Yorrith De Bakker & Liesa Van der AA
San-Kofa Rhythm Records

© Jef Boes Back