Telenet – Disconnect.

How do you advertise internet connections when we’ve all been glued to our computer screens for the past few months?
You don’t. You encourage people to disconnect and to get back to what really matters.
Brand: Telenet

Client: Maartje Berben
Agency: TBWA Belgium
Photographer + Director: Jef Boes
D.O.P: Tiele Mulier
Grading: Xavier Dockx
Production company: Initials LA. / Karen De Schepper
Decor: Julie Van Crombrugghe
Creative Director: Jeremie Goldwasser
Creative team: Vincent Nivarlet, Wilfrid Morin
Account team: Ellen Van Praet, Max Fauconnier, Thijs Muësen
Art buyer: Elly Laureys
Post production: MAKE – Lieselot Ral
Montage: Enzo Piccinato
Radio Production: Lauranne Van Der Heyden
Sound: Jan Pollet, Gwenn Nicolay

© Jef Boes Back