Stemmen uit Iowa

Stemmen uit Iowa – Numerous meetings with ordinary Americans and their strong opinions in diners.
Above plates with bacon and eggs they saw the American Dream evaporate before their eyes.
Voices from Iowa is a portrait of America as it really is.

Nominated at The Association for International Broadcasting in London.

Een film van Bjorn Soenens & Jef Boes voor CANVAS
Interviews: Bjorn Soenens
Regie: Joeri Vlekken
DP: Jef Boes & Joeri Vlekken
Sound : Joeri Vlekken & Jef Boes
Edit: Het Huis –¬†Filip Vanhoof & Leen Anthonissen
Klankmixage: Louis Vyncke

2012 © Jef Boes Back