About me

Jef was born in Turnhout in 1983. As the son of a printer and graphic designer he started his education in graphic design in high school in the 5th grade.
Later he would obtain a bachelor’s degree in visual arts in St Lucas Gent. After working for major advertising agencies he started working as a freelance photographer.
Jef is represented by Ingrid Deuss Gallery in Antwerp and by Photographers Agency Initials LA. In 2011 his series about the Rabot Towers in Gent got nominated for the Nikon press awards.
In 2014 he won the Belfius press award.
Jef has recently become a father of 2 and now lives and works in Gent.

Special thanks to

Lies Muys, An Pauwels, Fauve Iannizzi, Karen de Schepper, Sarah van den Langenbergh, Charlotte Gesquiere, Ingrid Deuss, Karel Degraeve, Alexia Mangelinckx, Wouter Haemers, Guido Packolet, Stefaan Werbrouck, Roderick Six, Lies van Geel, Jan Verhelst, Tineke Vandeweyer, Tim Coppens, Koen vidal, Björn Soenens, Joeri Vlekken, Jan Vandevyver, Jan Opdekamp, Illias Teirlinck, Lisa Goethals, Kevin Faingnaert, Leen Van Baelen, MUA’s, Stylists, Art Buyers and all the people I’ve worked with the past few years..

And to Kaatje, Mauro & Mary-Lou offcourse!