Fourchette Mark the moment
Fourchette Mark the moment
Campaign film

This film makes us wander in the world of Fourchette.
The world of FOURCHETTE is a world of intense satisfaction.
Passion and grandeur are key.

Mark the moment
Fourchette gives you the gift of stopping time.
With this golden-yellow beer in hand, every moment becomes one to cherish.
Fourchette is very accessible, but also surprising.
It is therefore a living beer, whose flavors continue to evolve.

Client: Fourchette Beer
Agency: Only Humans
Cd: Alessandro Segatta
Production: Falsum
Jordy Huijbregts, Joseph Gariba, Jamy vodegel
Director: Jef Boes
DP: Ivo Nelis
1st Ac: Bert De Keyser
Gaffer: Roel Thanghe
Bestboy: Laurens Degrande
Light Ass: Rico
Grip: Jesse Umut
Grip ass: Mils Desmet
Beerstylist: Sander de Ponti
Stylist: Sarah Roelstraete
Mua: Vicky de Fre
Set design: Aaron de Keyser @ cachet
Model : Marianne
Music: Peter Baert @ Raygun
Sound design: Raygun
Grading: Tom Mulder
Editor: Joris Willems
Storyboard: Fred Vanhoof