6 Countries campaign films and photography

“Around the world in search of people and their real wealth.”

From its inception thirty years ago, Kasteelbier has strived to make wealth tangible for all. By democratically marketing their beer – rich in taste and content – and making it available worldwide. But also by giving everyone a moment to reflect on the beauty and essence of their own lives, and find happiness in them. This mission was launched thirty years ago in Belgium and today it extends to the farthest corners of Europe and the world.
And that is exactly what we portrayed.

We set out to capture world citizens and their true wealth.

We travelled to Wyoming, France, Israel, Russia, Ireland and Holland and capture short and longer portraits of bon vivants, candid and not bothered by what the outside world thinks of them. All with a Castle beer in hand. Of course.

La vie en Rouge.

In France, we follow a typical “Boulanger.” A man who is already turning the loaves in the stone oven when many others are still turning over in bed. A man for whom passion and work are easily identified. He prepares himself in darkness and enjoys after when life for the rest is just getting going. That afterglow he does in simplicity. With at the end of his hard day no pain, vin et du boursin, but du pain, du boursin and…. a nice fresh Castle beer.


Where shepherd Freya finds her wealth,
at the end of a long day in the wilderness.

Client: Kasteelbier
Agency: Talk of The Town
Production: Initials LA
Producer: Lise Everaert
CD: Gertjan De Smet
Creation: Gertjan De Smet & Jef Boes
Director & Photographer: Jef Boes
Dop: Stefan Van Diest, Ivo Nelis (France)
1stAC: Patrick N (France)
Gaffer & Assistant: Louis Philippe Beaudoin
Editor: Bram Dutry, Helena Overlaet Michiels (France)
Grading: Tom Mulder, Francois Dubois (USA, Holland)
Music & Sounddesign: Raygun, Klankwerk (France)
Original Soundtrack & Music composing: Peter Baert
Post/Online: Birger Platteeuw