6 Countries campaign films and photography

The campaign shares stories of a day in the life of six residents of six different countries. Cinematographic footage captures the countries’ cultural wealth, while also highlighting how Belgian beer culture has slowly gained a spot there. Each film ends with a familiar moment of (self)reflection at the end of the day. During this moment, we see the protagonist deliberately opt for a Belgian Kasteelbier over their own country’s traditional beverage. This moment of true wealth is also captured in a campaign portrait.


Filmed at Jackson Hole’s most iconic Ranch: Diamond Cross Ranch.. with the famous Grant Golliher.

“Around the world in search of people and their real wealth.”

Around the world in 13 months

That this project was ambitious had long been established, but various COVID waves and travel restrictions, followed almost immediately by the war in Ukraine, caused the project to be seriously delayed. The campaign shoot, initially planned for one trip of just over a month, ended up taking over a year. Each of the six campaign productions consisted of an average of six days, including travel on and off, a final recce of the locations, at least two days of video shoot and a full day allocated to the photographic image of the campaign.

Stories revolve around emotions, and as everyone will acknowledge in these times of massive content consumption, emotions are not only invoked by beautiful images. Music is also a major component of such experiences. A good composition draws you deeper into the story, provides context and elicits goosebumps. So we  contacted Peter Baert to create these elements. He succeeded in creating a soundtrack that perfectly encompassed the spirit of the country in question on a not-so-lavish budget.

We set out to capture world citizens and their true wealth.

We travelled to Wyoming, France, Israel, Russia and Ireland to capture short portraits of bon vivants, candid and not bothered by what the outside world thinks of them. All with a Kasteelbier in hand. Of course.

La vie en Rouge.

In France, we follow a typical “Boulanger.” A man who is already turning the loaves in the stone oven when many others are still turning over in bed. A man for whom passion and work are easily identified.

One of the stories in the campaign series is that of Ivan and was shot in St. Petersburg (Russia) a few months before Putin’s sudden invasion of the Ukraine. The campaign film will not be silenced out of respect for the local population, who in large numbers expressed their disapproval about the necessity of this war, but will also not be shown in the campaign media out of respect for the Ukrainian people.

Client: Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck
Brand: Kasteel
Client Contacts: Xavier Vanhonsebrouck, Michiel Clycke, Frederic Boulez
Agency: Geronimo Brands
Creative Director: Gertjan De Smet
Creation: Gertjan De Smet & Jef Boes
Production: Initials LA & Geronimo Brands
Film Director: Jef Boes
Photographer: Jef Boes
Director’s Assistant: Louis Philippe Beauduin
Research: Lise Everaert, Axelle Leus
Production lead: Lise Everaert
Local Producers: Anna Vyalova, Yoke Productions, Noam Harary, Joshua Borgogni
Local Cast: xx (France), Ilya M, Nick P, Anton T (Russia), Tanya V (Ireland) Kalman G (Israël) Emily Staal, Grant golliher (USA)
DOP: Stefan Van Diest
DOP(France): Ivo Nelis
1st AC(France): Patrick Nishimwe
Head editor: Bram Dutry
Support editors: Olivier Lambracht, Helena Overlaet Michiels, Sander Denayer
Color Grading: Tom Mulder, Francois Dubois
Soundtracks & Compositing: Raygun Studios
Music Composer: Peter Baert
Music Composer France: Thomas Houthave @ Klankwerk
Photo Retouche: Eclipse retouch