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Light For the World
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Every minute a child is born blind somewhere in the world. Every five seconds someone loses his or her sight. In 81 percent of cases this can be avoided with proper treatment and care. At the beginning of November, the Belgian NGO ‘Licht voor de Wereld’ and the Belgian photographer Jef Boes went to the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center and the neighbouring villages around Moshi, Tanzania, to illustrate these problems.

Every view at the video helps fight avoidable blindness in Africa. Witness the moment Walakifina can see her mother for the first time.

The campaign ‘a view for a view’, includes a moving video and photo series, with the goal to open the eyes of as many people as possible and to make people aware of curable blindness. Of the estimated 36 million people who are blind in the world, 90% live in a poverty-stricken country. In 50 percent of these cases, the blindness is due to cataracts, a blurring of the eye lens. With a relatively simple operation, vision can be restored. ‘Licht voor de Wereld’ fights against curable blindness and for the integration of visually handicapped people in Africa.

Together we can give them a view of their future!
Approximately 28 million people in developing countries are unnecessarily blind. Being blind in a poor country offers few opportunities and in many cases no hope for the future.
Light for the World has been fighting against this injustice for 20 years.
Together with you we give visibility to a better life.

​​​​​​​​​​Agency: Supermachine
Photography: Jef Boes
Director: Jef Boes
Creative director: Dieter Van Hoof
D.O.P: PJ Claessens
Production: Initials LA
Producer: Fauve Iannizzi
Sound engineer: Klankwerk
Edit, online & grading: Joris Willems