‘The last 10 meter’ film – Eurobest & Epica Shortlist in Film / 🥈CB Award in Film

On one side, a drunk man. On the other, his car. Between the two, a distance of 10 meters. The man takes his keys and begins to step forward with some difficulty. He takes a few steps forward, stumbles and takes a few steps backward. He keeps moving forward, but then he stops and loses his balance. The man steps forward, tries to find his balance and spins around himself. He backs up a few feet, stops and catches his breath. The man is stunned. He comes back to himself, looks up, looks at his feet. He moves forward again and finally gets there. But then he hesitates. Is it really a good idea to get behind the wheel in this condition?

Ten meters is only a short distance. Except when your future flashes by.

Agency : Air Brussels
Creation : Marie Paris, John Benois, Arnaud Bailly
Production Company : Initials L.A.
Executive Producer : Sarah Theys
Director : Jef Boes
1AD: David Oeyen
DOP : Stefan van Diest
1AC: Robin Herinckx
Music composition : Peter Baert
Editor : Robin de Praetere
VFX Studio : Pandemie
Grading : Tom Mulder
Sound Studio : Raygun
Grip: CQN / Tim Roels
Gaffer: Spots Unlimited / Joost Henderickx
Camera equipment: The Movie Lot
CD : Air Creative Council
Account Manager : Laurie Parres-Albert
TV Producer : Berengere Lurquin
Set photographer: Sara Silva
Actor: Raphael Philip Damasceno