Belgian Defense
Belgian Defense
Campaign films and photography

Come work for the Other National Team.

In these films, I wanted to show reality in all its beauty.
Authentic images from the Belgian army with music so young people can relate to. Because we have to appeal to them.

We do that with images they can identify with and by working with younger people, not old commanders.

Working in defense is a serious job but you have to have fun doing it.
You have to want to be a part of it. You don’t join the military to become a champion or famous.
You come to do important work.
But you are ready to score at any moment.
To step in when it really counts.
And one day you’ll make a difference.
For yourself and for your entire team.

Production: Caviar
Director: Jef Boes
Executive Producer: Ilse Joye
Producer: Shana Duprez
D.O.P.: Frederic Vanzandycke
Focus Puller: Hannes Bruyneel
Video Assist: Paul Lambert
Gaffer: Pieter-Jan Donckels
Editor: Joris Willems
Grading: Kene Illegems

Agency: Boondoggle
Creation: Leon Jacob, Bouke Zoete, Robin Dewachter
Agency Producer: Bérengère Lurquin

Evelyne Mertens
Michael Cambier
Serine Ayari
Lowie Deseyne