Campaign Film

Lukaku has no limits. What about you?
Do you dare to play him in the middle of San Siro?
Are you the chosen one?

TBWA Brussels was able to involve Romelu Lukaku  for the launch of the PlayStation 5. Lukaku, besides being Europe’s best striker, also a big PlayStation fan, was happy to put his broad shoulders to the campaign #playhasnolimits. If you can charm Lukaku with a world goal, you can go straight to San Siro.
TBWA already went to take a look at his new ‘home’. Romelu Lukaku. The striker, the legend, the gamer. Our national pride is in its best season ever. Since Big Rom moved to Inter  he belongs, no he is, the biggest in Europe.

Client: Playstation
Agency: TBWA
Creatie: Greg van Buggenhout & Kenn Vanlijsebeth
Production: Make
Producer: Shana Duprez
Director: Jef Boes
DP: Pieter-Jan Claessens
Offline & Online Editor: Joris Willems
VFX: Thijs Hasselman
Grading: Xavier Dockx