Embark on a heartwarming journey of creativity and friendship in a captivating new film we made, inspired by the manifesto created by d-artagnan.

We follow Lily, a young girl with a remarkable talent for fixing things, both literally and figuratively. Witness her growth, determination, and unwavering passion as she learns the power of resilience and never giving up on her dreams. This film beautifully captures the essence of human relationships, personal growth, and the joy of finding one’s place in the world. It serves as a reminder to cherish bonds, embrace passions, and believe in the extraordinary power within us all.

Agency: D’Artagnan
Creatives: Jeff Houwen Geert Wolfs
Production: Wenneker
Dp: David Doom
Post Producer: Mirjam De Vreese
Editor: Jurgen Leemans
Online: Pierre Mailly
SOUND DESIGN + MUSIC COMPO: @peterbaertcomposer

DC MUSIC: Acknowledge – Joseph Trapanese & London Contemporary Orchestra
Grading: Tom Mulder
Executive Producer: Mathias Kerner
Producer: Femke Doom
Production Assistant: Héloïse Vankemmel
Production Assistant: Laurence Delbeke
Assistant Director: Bob Vanwaeyenberg // Joke Pevenage (voorbereiding)
Focus puller: Joris Rymen
2nd AC: Alana Stoefs
Gaffer: Robert Hoebeke
Electro: Bart Van Driel
Key Grip: Benjamin Speyer
Art Director: Stan Maertens
Stylist: Sarah Roelstraete
MUA Katleen De Mulder // Michelle Braspennincx (themakeupagency)
Casting : The Profiles