Whisper on the wind Music video

At first, the clip of Whisper on the wind still looks fairly normal until Genard and his band start floating through the woods. Despite the absurd layer, the clip still fits well with the comforting message of Whisper on the wind. The latest single from School is Cool. ‘It might seem a bit like a cult, those employees at that roadside diner all doing something magical. But actually there’s also something very beautiful in it, like it’s a form of group therapy after a tiring day at work.’a

The idea for Whisper on the wind sprang from a very personal moment.

Three years ago, School Is Cool frontman Johannes Genard took a rainy walk along the highway with his newborn daughter. He turned the existential questions he asked himself at the time into the comforting Whisper on the wind.

School Is Cool seeks solace like an American cult on ‘Whisper on the wind’

Focus Knack

That clip looks strikingly American. The story begins in a typical American diner and the dollars fly around your ears. ‘That’s mostly the influence of Jef, who is a big fan of American culture. He was even directing in a cowboy hat. (laughs) Although in the end I think it fits the song quite well. There’s a touch of Americana in it.’


Management: Rockoco
Produced by Sharon Lavaert

Idea by Johannes Genard & Jef Boes

Director: Jef Boes

DOP: Ivo Nelis

1AC: Krispijn Tant

Gaffer: Louis Philippe Beauduin
Styling: Sarah Roelstraete

H&MU: Madonna
Art Director: Karina Studio Woot woot

Editing: Frames Post Production
Post Producer: Jelle Robbeets
Offline Editor: Bram Dutry & Robin De Praetere
VFX operator: Elke Dhaese

Grading: François Dubois
Design & Typography: Martijn Leenaers
Electro: Leon Deblaes
Camera Rental: Special Thanks to The Movie Lot
Drone: Kopterman


Hanne Torfs: Keys, Piano, Vocals
Michaël Lamiroy: Charrango, Piano, synths
Toon Van Baelen: Bass, Trombone, Vocals, Editing
Niels Meukens: Drums, Percussion
Johannes Genars: Vocals, Guitars